Cheese, Berries and Crackers

Where did you get the name Board and Beautiful?

My Grandmother used to watch me a lot growing up and she loved her soap operas, The Bold and the Beautiful was one of her favorites and it always brought us together because I loved it too (yes as a 7 year old)! I figured if a show can bring 2 people of such a big age gap can a charcuterie board! Also, I really just like puns! :)

What is Board and Beautiful? Well, take a quick look inside!

How far is your delivery radius?

Currently it is within a 15 mile radius outside of RVA! Will deliver outside of that radius for a small fee.

Can I have one of these shipped?

Unfortunately not at the moment. The whole shipping process would make it not so beautiful, and we wouldnt want that!

How long can we leave these boards out for?

Due to food safety, we would recommend leaving it out no longer than 4 hours. We would also recommend taking this out of the refirgerator about an hour before enjoying to bring out the flavors.

What is the shelf life of these?

We would recommend consuming these boards within 3 days of delivery.